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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is unlike any other sport or martial art available to kids. As well as well as self-defence and healthy living, the SJJA Kids Program is designed to develop our little diamonds into motivated, confident and compassionate adults. With our coaches acting as mentors, we see some amazing transformations as our kids unlock untapped strength and self-confidence.

The SJJA Kids Creed is built around the values Bruno learned over a lifetime of training and competing at the highest level. It establishes the behaviour and attitude we expect from our kids, including a strong work ethic, teamwork, courage, compassion, respect, and anti-bullying. We encourage our kids to take these values wherever they go in life, including school, home and in public.

In 2018, the SJJA Kids Team surpassed many more established martial arts schools to win the National, State and Pan Pacific Team Championships. This level of success in competitions is only possible with the right training environment. That’s why we put a lot of our energy into creating a positive, respectful and disciplined learning space for Kids with our SJJA Kids Creed at its core.

Learning at SJJA is an incredible opportunity for your child to learn how to persevere on the mats so that they can persevere in life.

Black Belt 3rd Degree
Former 3x World Champion

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