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Queen of Mats: BJJ and Women

In a huge win for women’s BJJ the AJP tour held it’s first-ever Abu Dhabi Queen of Mats (ADQOM) in Rio de Janeiro this month.  ADQOM Bronze Medalist, Bianca Basilio says: “It means a lot to us that are competing and living from the sport. It is an important recognition, as women are increasingly representing the best jiu-jitsu everywhere in the world.”

Congratulations to Luiza Monteiro who walked away with the crown! If you have a few minutes — click here —and watch the highlights of her victory. Spoiler alert: you absolutely should.

There’s been a bit of well-deserved attention on women in the sport lately, so let’s take a look at the benefits of practicing BJJ as a woman.

Firstly, let’s deal with a common misconception: a lot of people assume that smaller bodies would be disadvantaged in BJJ. After all, it is a contact sport. Right? Wrong. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is actually all about leverage, and just about the perfect sport for any smaller body out there keen on learning how to overpower bigger people. That is why our sport gets so much hype as an effective form of self-defense.

But self-defence is just one of many reasons why you should spend your next online shopping vortex googling: “best gis for women.”

Queen of the Rig: Fitness

BJJ is a contact sport that gets you fit very fast. That’s a fact regardless of your gender. Training Jiu jitsu is a complete body workout, from cardio to strength and conditioning. Give it a go and you’ll see results before you know it.

BJJ builds confident women

Queen of Body and Mind: Confidence

There’s simply no way of overstating how effective BJJ is at connecting your body and mind. And then, radically shifting your outlook. Sure, it’s definitely not the only way to get body confidence. You can do that with hours in the gym or running, but the beauty of BJJ is that it turns your body into something functional. And, particularly for women, seeing your body as a tool can be revolutionary! Imagine how much you’ll love your bum and thighs when they’re giving you the edge over your opponent in a leg triangle choke?

Queen of Hearts: Camaraderie and Socialising

Women and girls who roll BJJ are not interested in knocking in each other down. As anyone who trains will tell you, there is a supportive culture in Jiu jitsu, and this is especially evident among our female practitioners. Just go to any gym and see for yourself. And because you are meeting people in a fun and supportive sporting environment, training BJJ is a fantastic way to forge friendships with a diverse range of people who share your outlook for healthy living.

BJJ buddies

Queens of Tomorrow: Role Models

There’s nothing more inspiring than watching powerful women follow their dreams. Particularly if that dream is kicking butt, feeling fantastic and looking great in a traditionally male environment. Just saying.

BJJ training is a great way to be a role model for your kids, family and friends.

The New Queens: Starting BJJ for Women

  1. Hair: Tie it up, securely. You don’t want to have your hair accidentally pulled or have your vision blocked while rolling.
  2. Nails: no extensions, and think about cutting them shorter to avoid damaging them.
  3. Clothing: make sure you’ve got a good sports bra. BJJ moves can take you into all kinds of positions. Pro-tip: buy some lycra shorts or compression pants to wear under your gi. Gi pants can sometimes come loose!
  4. Grooming: save the make-up for the outside world. It’s not necessary for the gym and will most likely end up in places it shouldn’t after a few minutes sweating.


Bruno Alves
SJJA Founder

SJJA Crows Nest’s womens only class is currently scheduled for Wednesday’s 6:20-7:20, but women are of course welcome at all classes. For more timetable info click here. Or, if you’d like to know more about our Women’s Program click here.

See you on the mats!

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